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Si nunca has practicado Yoga o lo has hecho pocas veces, intenta estas secuencias básicas. Esta es la 3a cápsula para principiantes. Namaste 🙂 Instructora: …

Kundalini Live is a weekly high vibration kundalini yoga practice. Our class meets Wednesdays at 7pm Pacific Standard Time. It is recorded and broadcast live worldwide for free. Classes are available in HD and on demand for our registered online students. Kundalini Live follows a public kundalini class hosted by Wave Street Studios on the Monterey Peninsula. Our teacher is Sukhmandir Singh, a 30 year practitioner of the kundalini process and an expert and gentle guide for our own self discovery. Try one of our free full length classes at
Trailer from class 149 “Joy and Source Connection” Understanding balance
is the key to understanding health. This week, look for balance in your life.
By simply letting go for the few minutes of this class, You will allow your priorities to rearrange themselves and present you with a more balanced blueprint for life.
Exercises included in this 55 minute class are: Punching Breath of Fire,Triangle Pose, Child’s Pose, Rock Pose, Spine Flex, Life Nerve Stretch, Corpse Pose
Alternating arm leg liftsCorpse PoseLegs 12in, Breath of Fire, Easy Pose, Breath of Fire, Spinal Twist with gyan mudra and a last Life Nerve Stretch. The HD program features the music of Snatam Kaur and kundalini gong by Sukhmandir Singh.
Step 1: “The Keep Up Spirit”

(1) Archer Pose increases one’s radiance, aligns our will with our destiny, promotes a grounded, inner strength.

(2) Pranayam for the Parasympathetic Nervous System creates balance, calm nerves, and the strength to handle challenging situations.

(3) Kriya for the “Keep Up Spirit” is designed to increase radiance. When our radiant body is nurtured, we have an indomitable strength of spirit, despite any setbacks, obstacles or challenges. Our skin glows, our eyes sparkle, and our projection is effective and directed. This kriya also stretches the sciatic nerve, enhances the aura, and increases flexibility

Kundalini Live is a weekly practice to energize the body, elevate the spirit and expand consciousness. Create resiliency, vitality and grace as a student. These are real classes with real off the street students and real teachers who live the life being shared. Experience for yourself how this time honored yoga focuses your power through your heart center to elevate consciousness. This is student supported yoga. Live class at Wednesdays at 7pm PST. This global live yoga is free. Students receive classes in HD and on-demand. See you in class!

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Voy a ir directamente al grano…

Si has llegado a esta página, probablemente
has tenido problemas para dormir por las

Das vueltas y vueltas todas las noches,
incapaz de dormir.

Has probado muchas cosas para permitirte
dormir mejor, pero nada parece funcionar.

¿Qué puedes hacer para aydarte, finalmente,
a dormir bien?

No te preocupes, tengo la respuesta para ti…

posturas para dormir – tecnicas para dormir – como poder dormir – posturas para hacer el amor en la cama – poses en la cama para hacer el amor

Descubre como lograr que tu pareja obtenga diferentes,
intensos y prolongados orgasmos

Descubre las reglas preliminares de la excitación

Descubre posturas y movimientos perfectos para gozar
de encuentros sexuales frenéticos de principio a fin

Descubre las mejores técnicas para proporcionar a tu
pareja con un sexo oral inigualable

Descubre como y porque las fantasías juegan un papel
importante en la construcción del camino hacia el
orgasmo femenino

Y esta es solo una lista parcial de lo que descubrirás

posturas para hacer el amor en la cama – poses en la cama para hacer el a Secrets for feminine radiance from Sara Avant Stover of The Way of the Happy Woman. Get her free instant access download “Yoga for Real Women” at the URL above.

When I lived in Thailand I had the good fortune of getting a foot massage at least once a week. There, foot reflexology oases flowered on nearly every city block, and a one-hour session costs a whopping $6. Now that I have moved back to the US, things are different on many levels, the disappearance of my indulgent weekly ritual being one of them!

Not to worry. Now I use a simple and effective method that achieves (almost) the same results. Only in this version, napping is dangerous!


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